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Diverse Group of Protester
Diverse Group of Protester
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Bargaining Council: These agreements are concluded between associations of employers and one or more trade union.

Cash Wage or Nominal Wage: This is the amount of money that an employer pays a worker, for example, if a worker earns R 3 500 per month then that is the worker’s cash wage.

Minimum Wage: This is the lowest wage (entry level) permitted by law or a negotiated collective agreement.


Median Wage: A median wage is the boundary between what the highest 50% of workers are paid and what the lowest 50% of wage earners are paid. Thus, if the median wage in South Africa is R 3 033, this means that 50% of workers are earning above the median wage and 50% are paid below it.

Plant Level Agreements: These are agreements that are concluded between a single employer and one or more trade unions. Bilateral agreements include large national companies with many plants or branches as well as small employers with only a single outlet.

Sectoral Determination: These are Agreements covering workers in designated/ specific industries.

Real Wages: This refers to the value of the wage in terms of what it can buy, that is, the purchasing power of the wage. It is called a real wage because it has taken the effects of rising prices (inflation) on workers’ wages into account.


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Trade unions have these aims:

To organise workers and the working class, and unite them as a powerful force in a strong and democratic trade union

To provide a collective voice for the workers

To challenge the power of employers through collective action

To bargain collectively with employers for a living wage and decent conditions of work

To represent workers in their workplaces on all matters work related

To fight against discrimination and unfair treatment of workers

To educate workers and the community about trade unionism

To fight worker' and working class rights in communities and in the country as a whole

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freedom to join a union

workers rights

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This right is based on Article 11 of The Human Rights Act, and it protects the freedom that employees have to join an association that can represent their interests and get them more beneficial working conditions through collective bargaining.

No employer can intimidate an employee to prevent them from joining a union, nor impose any sanctions or consequences for those employees that decide to do it.

The following activities are protected under this right:

  • Organising and participating in meeting to discuss union matters and devise strategies for representing the union’s interests
  • Reading and distributing union literature in non-work areas (such as parking lots) during non-work hours
  • Signing petitions on any job-related matter, such as demanding an increase in benefits
  • Talking to other employees about the union and asking them to join at free will



Group of Friends


Informal platform where social issues

will be discussed without fear or favour

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Only by standing

together and being

united can workers

build their



workers rights

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C llective

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Collective bargaining is the process in which working people, through their unions, negotiate contracts with their employers to determine their terms of employment, including pay, benefits, hours, leave, job health and safety policies, ways to balance work and family, and more. Collective bargaining is a way to solve workplace problems. It is also the best means for raising wages in South Africa. Indeed, through collective bargaining, working people in unions have higher wages, better benefits and safer workplaces.

2022 Matric Results

Covid-19 and class of 2022

Pass rate 80.1%


Unemployed teachers

Online application system

School infrastructure

National budget and education


Cosatu News

Mugwena maluleke

SADTU General Secretary

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Withdrawals extended to the beginning of March 2024

will be able to withdraw one third of their pension fund whereas two thirds will be accessible only during retirement

A savings element has also been introduced to allow members to withdraw a maximum of R2 000 once a year.

Regulation 33

Proposed repeal of Regulation 33: Tightening the grip on employers who fail to make contributions to an employees’ pension fund

According to section 13A of the Pension Funds Act, 1956 (PFA), an employer must pay benefit contributions to the pension funds to which they participate, as provided for in terms of the rules of the fund. These amounts are deducted from employees’ salaries monthly, and it is a criminal offence for an employer not to pay over these contributions. In the recent past, there has been several public examples of employers which have breached their PFA obligations which makes the proposed repeal more relevant.

The purpose of Regulation 33 is to support the implementation of section 13A of the PFA and set requirements relating to the payment of contributions by employers to pension funds.

For more information please contact Imraan Mahomed at or Tshepiso Rasetlola at

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The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) has noted the National Minimum Wage Commission’s recommendation for a CPI plus 2% increase for this financial year. The Federation finds this offer acceptable and reasonable since it will ensure that the minimum wage is not repealed by inflation.

This will provide significant relief to more than six (6) million workers earning within the range of the NMW. Workers in the farm, domestic, construction, retail, hospitality, transport, security, and cleaning services sectors will benefit the most. It is important to make ensure that the NMW is not eroded by inflation because this will plunge many workers deeper into debt, poverty, and despair.

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why join a union

learn & teach


who controls the union?

members of the unions elect representatives to the executive committee and it is their job to run the union. Officials of the unions are controlled by these committees


how to join a union?


strength in numbers

only by standing together and being united can workers build their strength

  • find union that operates in your industry
  • Call or email them to find out more about their services


what is the union fighting for?

better wages and good working conditions for all

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Pocket info give rise to the notion of smart information management, that opens information access through WhatsApp.

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(Video)COSATU and Saftu are pressing ahead with a strike over the 2022 wage deal

COSATU, SACP welcome expulsion of Israeli diplomat, Sharon Bar-Li, from AU summit

Gauteng premier’s ambitious energy plans met with skepticism

Graduates queue for grants instead of jobs

Public Works employees sleep outside post office for a week waiting to be paid

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workers under attack

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